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Do Not Disseminate Policy

  • Affiliates, Clients and Customers agree all VIDAKEN MEDIA Products and Services are proprietary to and solely owned by VIDAKEN MEDIA.
  • VIDAKEN MEDIA owns, to the exclusion of all others, all rights, privileges and license to all Products and Services.
  • VIDAKEN MEDIA extends to Affiliate, Clients, and Customers a Limited Revocable License to access and view VIDAKEN MEDIA Products and Services via an online password-protected portal, only after paying for such access and only for as long as Affiliate, Client, and Customer accounts remains current and active.
  • Affiliate, Client, and Customer access to VIDAKEN MEDIA Products and Services is limited only to online “click and view” access within the password-protected section of the VIDAKEN MEDIA website.
  • Affiliate, Client, and Customer license to access and view VIDAKEN MEDIA Products and Services expressly prohibits, but not exclusively, the following actions:
    1. any and all dissemination of Products and Services, in any form or manner whatsoever
    2. download of Products and Services, except for Products and Services clearly designated as “OK to Download”
    3. clip, copy, or any other temporary or permanent taking of Products and Services
    4. allowing another person to access and view Products and Services via Affiliate-specific password-protected portal
    5. giving away, renting, leasing, selling, or otherwise making Products and Services to another person, whether or not for monetary or other compensation
    6. posting Products and Services, in whole or in part, anywhere online or offline, including but not exclusively on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, social media site, website, marketing page, squeeze page, advertisement, blog, newsletter, magazine, e-zine, newspaper or any other location or venue
  • Affiliate, Client, and Customer agree any violation of any term or section of the VIDAKEN MEDIA Do Not Disseminate Policy may be grounds for immediate termination of Affiliate’s, Client’s and Customer’s account and revocation of license to access and view VIDAKEN MEDIA Products and Services.
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