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Return and Refund Policy

All prospective VIDAKEN MEDIA Affiliates, Clients, and Customers are required to read and accept the VIDAKEN MEDIA Return and Refund Policy prior to continuing on to the Affiliate Enrollment Page and/or Client or Customer Purchase Page.

If you do not accept the VIDAKEN MEDIA Return and Refund Policy, you will not be able to continue to the Enrollment Page or Purchase Page, and you will not be allowed to become an Affiliate, Client or Customer.

  • VIDAKEN MEDIA’s core Products and Services are digital in nature, which allows us to deliver them online in real time with instant access to all content immediately upon purchase and payment. In other words, Affiliates, Clients, and Customers have complete and unrestricted access to Products and Services immediately upon purchase.
  • Based on this, VIDAKEN MEDIA has a strict No Return and No Refund Policy, except where prohibited by law, and in no case greater than 3 Days which begins on the date of purchase. We will not consider or accept Refund or Return requests, except as provided by law, and in no case past the 3rd day after purchase of VIDAKEN MEDIA Products and Services.
  • Should any Affiliate, Client, or Customer attempt a chargeback or other Return or Refund procedure of any Vidaken MEDIA product or service subject to this Policy, barring extraordinary circumstances, the Company will base denial of the Return and Refund on your acceptance of this Policy prior to your enrollment or purchase of the product or service.
  • In Conclusion, ONLY IF you understand and agree with this Vidaken MEDIA Return and Refund Policy should you check the Confirmation Box and proceed to the enrollment or purchase pages. If you DO NOT understand or agree with this Policy, DO NOT check the Confirmation Box and DO NOT proceed to the enrollment or purchase pages.
  • VIDAKEN MEDIA is dedicated to outstanding Customer Service. If you have any questions about our Return and Refund Policy, contact VIDAKEN MEDIA Customer Service.
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