Interview Videos Eight Pack

Perfect for those who are moving into the online space and are looking to establish their brand presence in this new digital landscape. This package features custom video topics, and is geared towards setting up a solid foundation for your online brand.

  • (1) 60-90 minute facilitated content interview
  • (8) 1-minute suggested video segments (or custom topics that express your message)
    • Video #1: Startup Story
      Video #2: Your Purpose
      Video #3: Your Expertise
      Video #4: Your Services
      Video #5: What Makes You Different?
      Video #6: Clients You Serve
      Video #7: Your Processes
      Video #8: Results You Deliver

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We will take prospects and new clients through a relationship-building information-gathering process….before, during and after the sale….partly automated and partly live during a Discovery Call and a Client Onboarding Call.

We offer two general categories of videos, including (1) Interview Style Videos, where the client (or someone on their behalf) appears live on camera in the video footage, and (2) All Other Types of Videos where the client does not appear on camera, so a crucial question in our discovery process is to determine whether:

  • they want to appear on camera in the videos
  • they do not want to appear on camera in the videos
  • they want to appear on camera in some videos and not in others

The Client may already know the answer to this question from the beginning, or they may decide as we walk them through the Discovery Call process, but the sooner we know this, the sooner we can focus on guiding them toward appropriate next steps.

The Interview Style Video Bundle includes, among other things, ONLY Interview Style Videos.

Client will select an 8-Video Package from among these 14+ topics and titles:

  1. Your Startup Story
  2. Who Are You, What Do You Do & What Makes You Different?
  3. Your Purpose
  4. Your Expertise
  5. Your Services
  6. Clients You Serve
  7. Your Processes
  8. Results You Deliver
  9. Filling a Gap in the Marketplace with (Your Business, Products or Services)
  10. Effective (Your Business) Marketing
  11. Competitive Storytelling
  12. More Than Just a Business
  13. Crafting Your Story
    PLUS…..any other Unique or Custom Question or Topic You Want to Talk About.

Options for All Other Types of Videos include, among others:

  1. Explainer Video
  2. Introduction / Get to Know Us Video
  3. Live Action Video
  4. Flipbook Video
  5. Whiteboard Animated Video
  6. Fashion/Style Video
  7. Health & Wellness Video
  8. Portrait Format Instagram Story Video
  9. Facebook Ad Video
  10. All Social Media Platforms Video (We offer a complete Guide to Format Requirements, etc.)
  11. Product Launch Video
  12. Holiday / Special Occasion Video
  13. Logo Animation Video
  14. YouTube Intro & Outro Video (HOT New Market!)
  15. Product / Property / Service Video
  16. PLUS…..any other Unique or Custom Video You Want to Create

The Interview Style Video Bundle may also include, among other things:

Our more hands-on package includes animations, sizzle reel cuts, testimonials, and promotional materials to elevate your brand and take your business to the next level. Whether you want to inspire and train your team, sell products and services, or connect with subscribers, this Custom Interview Video package will get you there.

  • Your company’s text
  • Customizable text placement
  • Customizable logo placement
  • Stock Video Footage
  • Stock Photos
  • Customizable background images
  • Customizable transitions
  • Customizable graphics
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Customizable screen orientation
  • Music…Intro, Outro, or throughout the Video
  • Sound Effects
    and MAY also include:
  • Script copywriting services
  • Animated logo
  • Custom animations
  • Custom stop motion
  • Live footage
  • Basic color correction
  • Basic sound correction
  • Basic footage stabilization (if necessary)
  • access to our enormous library of stock footage!

One-of-a-Kind Video Agency

The depth and breadth of our Video Bundles alone set us apart from almost all the ‘competition.’ Further distinguishing us is the fact that, as highly experienced Entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what questions must be answered prior to creating effective Videos and other Marketing Materials, so we always put ourselves in the shoes of our Clients to understand what they need and want….or don’t need and don’t want….before we design and create their videos. This requires a fully engaged hands-on approach to customer acquisition, sales and onboarding.

Partly automated and mostly through direct interaction, our process guarantees we can deliver to every client the best, most appropriate videos for them, to give them a jumpstart into the rapidly changing world of online video and a head start on their competition. This personal touch based on building relationships will dramatically increase our conversions, create happier, more satisfied clients, and will result in repeat sales, upsells and a steady stream of new business referrals from happy clients.


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